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Botou Xintian Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd has a superior geographical position, West 106 National Highway, North Shihuang Expressway, East 104 National Highway, Jingfu Expressway, Beijing­Shanghai Railway, Highway and Railway crisscross, and the traffic is very convenient. The formation of traffic network provides a time guarantee for the transportation and after-sales service of products.
Our company has successively undertaken the transformation project of dry-process dust removal of many multi-seat blast furnaces. At the same time, our company has also done renovation to reach the standard for many sets of dust collectors of lots users in the cement, aluminum industry of non-ferrous metals, metallurgical industry and the chemical industry. In recent years, the company has also developed the key technology of the uniform pressure-release valve dust collector of Maerz lime kiln and blast furnace to fill the blank in the domestic dust-removal industry.

Our company is a professional dust removal equipment and dust removal accessories manufacturer in collection of research and development, design, equipment manufacturing, field installation, and commissioning Our company mainly produces: electric dust collector, high voltage electrostatic dust collector, rotary umbrella type high efficiency electrostatic dust collector, collecting high voltage electrostatic dust collector, tube pole type electrostatic dust collector, wide spacing electrostatic dust collector, pulse bag dust collector, long bag off-line pulse dust collector, high voltage off-line pulse bag dust collector, micro shock flat bag dust collector, rotary back blowing dust collector, bag type back blowing dust collector, single machine dust collector unit, single bag dust collector, single bag dust removal equipment, cyclone dust collector, coarse powder separator, wet vertical kiln dust collector, desulphurization dust collector , various types of electromagnetic pulse valve, YJD series (discharge valve), horizontal reducer, vertical reducer, planet cycloid pin wheel reducer, a variety of dust removal cloth bag series, a variety of bag cage series, pulse controller, cylinder, electric control cabinet and other dust collector accessories products, and we can also do non-standard design, modification and installation according to the requirements of users .