• HMC series pulse cloth bag dust collector

    HMC series pulse cloth bag dust collector

    HMC series pulse cloth bag dust collector is a single type bag dust collector. It adopts circular filter bag, self-contained air ventilation system with pulse injection ash cleaning mode, which has advantages of high dust removal efficiency, good ash cleaning effect, low operation resistance, long service life of filter bag, simple maintenance and stable operation, etc. When the dust gas enters into the cloth bag dust collector from air induced system, due to the decrease of wind speed, the d...

  • Filter Cartridge Dust Collector Equipment

    Filter Cartridge Dust Collector Equipment

    Pulse filter cartridge dust collector is mainly used in the centralized dust removal system of large factories, with large air volume treatment, small area, suitable for the whole workshop of large factories centralized dust removal, and all the dust from grinding, welding, sand cleaning, mixing, stirring, screening and other processes can be centralized treatment . This series of filter cartridge dust collector is generally arranged outdoors and adopts oblique plug filter cartridge structure...

  • Cyclone Dust Collector

    Cyclone Dust Collector

    Under ordinary operating conditions, the centrifugal force acting on the particles is 5 ~ 2500 times that of gravity, so the efficiency of cyclone dust collector is significantly higher than that of gravity settling chamber. Based on this principle, a cyclone dust removal device with dust removal efficiency of more than 90 percent has been successfully studied. Among the mechanical dust removers, the cyclone dust remover is the most efficient one. It is suitable for the removal of non-visc...

  • Y JD series Star Unloader

    Y JD series Star Unloader

    YJD-A/B series unloading device, also known as electric ash unloading valve and electric lock valve, consists of three parts: motor, tooth difference planetary reducer (X) or pinwheel cycloid reducer (Z) and rotary unloader. There are two series and 60 specifications The square flanges of import and export are type A, and the circular flanges are type B The device is a dust removal equipment, the main equipment for conveying, discharging ash, locking air and other equipment feeding. It is sui...

  • Double-Axis Dust Humidifying Mixer

    Double-Axis Dust Humidifying Mixer

    SJ double-axis dust humidifier When working, the ash and slag in the silo will be uniformly sent to the cylinder by the impeller feeder, the blade will push the ash and slag forward, and the water supply nozzle will add an appropriate amount of water to stir and force mixing. In the process of mixing, a certain gap between the cylinder wall and the stirring shaft is maintained to push the material to the discharge, which has the characteristics of compact structure, advanced technology, stabl...

  • Polyester Needle-Punched Felt Bag

    Polyester Needle-Punched Felt Bag

    Its main use of synthetic fiber, from the plane, for a single fiber irregular staggered combination; Viewed from the direction of section, the needle moving at a certain Angle in the opposite plane makes the single fiber show a complex complexing state . 1, Good air permeability: compared with other fabric filter material, the biggest difference is the pore shape in the filter material. 2, High dust collection efficiency: needled felt (dust bag) single fiber complex, so that the formation of ...

  • Polyester Antistatic Needle-punched Felt Bag

    Polyester Antistatic Needle-punched Felt Bag

    In the process of producing needle-punched felt, conductive fibers or conductive materials are mixed into chemical fibers. It is used in industries where flour dust. chemical dust and coal dust may explode in case of electrostatic discharge. Weight: 500g/ m² Material: Polyester/Polyester/Polyester Antistatic Substrate Thickness: 1.8mm Permeability: 15 m³/ m²· min Radial control force: > 800N/5 x 20cm Latitudinal control force: > 1200N/5 x 20cm Radial control force:

  • Metas Needle-punched Filtration Felt Bag at High Temperature

    Metas Needle-punched Filtration Felt Bag at Hig...

    Beauty, dust bag with resistance to high temperature (204 ~ 240 ℃), strong acid, alkali, high filtering speed, low pressure loss, and the characteristics of the folding, good resistance to wear, but is not in the heat resistance to hydrolysis, mainly used in the asphalt mixing station flue gas, steel blast furnace gas, flue gas, carbon black (white carbon black) exhaust, cement kiln kiln kiln head, at high temperature furnace flue gas, Firebrick furnace smoke and coking smoke and other workin...

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  • *How to ensure the good use effect of dust removal equipment

    With the increasing attention to the environment and air pollution, each enterprise has a correct understanding of their own enterprise emissions, emissions of their own enterprises are in the active installation of dust removal equipment, the corresponding call. Dust collector has very high dust...

  • *What are the inspection procedures for dust skeleton?

    The dust collector skeleton and bag skeleton are fixed at one end, and the other end is twisted to 10 degrees /m for 15 seconds, and then relaxed, and the skeleton can be restored normally without removing welding. Test the tensile strength of each solder joint to withstand 250N without dissolder...

  • *Selection and replacement of dust filter bag

    Filter bag of dust collector is an important accessory of bag filter. If it is not chosen properly, it will lead to the damage of paste bag or dust bag. When replacing the dust bag, open the top cover of the equipment and directly pull out the bag cage, then the filter bag can be directly pulled ...

  • *How is the dust of fold type dust filter bag cleaned dust?

    The filter area of fold filter bag is 1.5~1.8 times that of traditional filter bag. When the filter bag is adopted, the volume of the filter is reduced by nearly half in the same filter area, thus reducing the use of steel. Fold type dust collector is equipped with a special dust skeleton. Dust c...

  • *Dust removal characteristics of the filter cartridge

    1. Deep filtration This kind of filter material is relatively loose, and the gap between fiber and fiber is large. For example, ordinary polyester needled felt has a gap of 20-100 μm. When the average particle size of the dust is 1 μm, during the filtering operation, a part of the fine particles ...