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Report on dust hazards to human body

Pneumoconiosis can occur if the lungs inhale large amounts of dust for a long time. The three main occupational diseases are caused by long-term inhalation of large amounts of dust in the lungs of the human body, which is a serious occupational disease of miners. Once workers fall ill, it is still difficult to be completely cured by the current medical level. And because of slow onset, often neglected by people, especially the body of the object, engaged in mining frontline workers most a chapter does not follow, have to make more than the phenomenon is very outstanding, personal protection consciousness is poor, dust to dust facilities and individual labor protection articles phenomenon can be seen everywhere, abandoned and always thought is a body of a man and himself, such as: Tunneling line dry eye, mining line coal fall dust prevention facilities, the transfer point spray water device, personal protective equipment rarely adhere to the normal use, day after day, to the body has a problem to know its interests. In fact, the number of miners disabled and killed by pneumoconiosis is staggering both at home and abroad. Accumulated occurred in mining enterprises in our country nearly more than seventy cases of pneumoconiosis, the number of deaths through more than 20, among the top of the various types of occupational disease, the state-owned coal pneumoconiosis disease deaths each year has more than of inductrial injury death toll, now with pneumoconiosis tens of thousands of new cases every year, and is on the rise, caused direct economic losses of billions of yuan a year, Occupational safety in mines has become a major social hazard in China, seriously restricting the healthy development of China’s mining industry, mine accidents and occupational diseases have caused family and social problems, but also directly affect the stability of society.

Health, lifestyle and personal hygiene of miners. Miners who are physically weak, have poor personal hygiene and bad habits such as smoking are more susceptible to pneumoconiosis. Respiratory dust. Mainly refers to the particle size of 5μm below the fine dust particles, it can enter the lung area through the upper respiratory tract of the human body, causing lung disease, very harmful to the human body.

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Post time: May-18-2022