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How can we enhance the performance of the dust skeleton?

As the skeleton of bag dust collector, the importance of its quality is self-evident. So how can we strengthen the performance of the dust skeleton? Electrostatic spraying of dust removal skeleton is a good protection measures, which will be much better than the general galvanized dust removal skeleton.

1, galvanized dust removal skeleton is easy to be affected by environmental factors and corrosion, which directly reduces the life of bag dust collector and dust bag.

2, dust skeleton after printing adhesion and mechanical strength will increase.

3. After spraying, the dust removal skeleton can endure the actual report.

4, due to the spraying, the surface is smooth, conducive to installation.

Principle of spraying dust skeleton: the use of corona discharge phenomenon powder coating adsorption on the workpiece. The process is: Powder for powder by system by gas into the compressed air spray gun, the gun front with high voltage electrostatic generator of high pressure, due to the corona discharge, near its intensive charge, powder by the gun nozzle jet, the formation of coating of charged particles, it is the role of the electrostatic force, sucked into its polar opposite workpiece, with the increase in the number of powder spray, is, the more charge accumulation, When the thickness is determined, due to the electrostatic repulsion, it will not continue to adsorb, so that the whole workpiece to obtain a certain thickness of the powder coating, and then after high temperature to make the powder melting, leveling, curing, that is, the formation of a hard film on the surface of the workpiece.

In fact, the dust removal skeleton spray is mainly to pay attention to the early oil removal, rust removal and phosphating. Polyester powder should be used when spraying, and the temperature should be controlled between 180 and 260 degrees Celsius.

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Post time: May-18-2022