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Several methods to prolong the service life of T4-72 centrifugal fan

In operation, the start and stop of the filter are two very important links.  A filter bag with a lot of dust is the root cause of premature breakage.  New clothes or filter bags that have been stopped at startup will filter material at acid dew point, which will be damaged by condensation, simply forming persistent congestion.  To take measures as soon as possible, therefore, the protection of filter material, to know that it is very important to reach a stable operating temperature.

 When t4-72 centrifugal fan is shut down, if the shutdown time is short, it should not filter bag dust removal, and pay attention to the heat preservation of dust removal equipment.  If the downtime is long, all filter bags should be dedusted. It is necessary to use induced draft fan and fan residual acid degassing in T4-72 centrifugal fan.  During the operation of the equipment, the pressure difference of the dust collector should be checked, because the pressure difference of the system is a better indicator of the function of t4-72 centrifugal fan, and each differential pressure chamber is a better indicator of the condition of the corresponding filter bag.

 If the differential is suddenly raised or cut, it may mean that the filter bag is blocked, the filter bag has holes, the valve does not work, the ash removal system is abnormal, or the ash hopper is too full.  At the moment there is a need to deal with immediately, all kinds of room types and solve problems, the filter bag damaged.  In order to adhere to the long time outstanding bag dust removal operation, daily protection operation is very important.

 Therefore, the pressure difference, pulse valve, ash transport system, ash bucket shaking table and valve operation, valve controller, solenoid valve, limit switch, fan, motor and the appearance of the operation of regular inspection.  In order to randomly select 1 or 2 filter bags from each room within the specified time for laboratory analysis, to guess the life of the filter bag and consider no change, just before the need to replace, to the normal operation of the equipment.

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Post time: May-18-2022