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*Attention should be paid to these points during the use of the humidification mixer

Points to pay attention to when using dust humidifiers:

 1. The filter in the water supply system of the dust humidifier should be drained regularly.

 2. Read this manual in advance before using the dust humidifier.

3. The dust humidifier considers the water supply pipe and the heat preservation of the whole machine as appropriate according to the temperature conditions in various places.

 4. After debugging the dust humidifier, the user shall not change the water supply at will.

 5. The rotating parts of the dust humidifier are equipped with oil nozzles, and lubricating oil should be filled regularly when in use.

 6. When the dust humidifier is shut down during a power outage during operation, the materials in the humidifier should be cleaned up through the emergency exit in time to avoid difficulty in restarting.

 7. Lubricating grease or lubricating oil should be regularly added to the reducer of dust humidifier (according to the condition of the reducer).

 8. The dust humidifier shall feed uniformly and quantitatively, and keep the ash under the silo smooth, and arching shall not occur repeatedly.

  9. If the dust humidifier is repeatedly blocked, check the bearing and the thermal relay and air switch in the control cabinet. Please replace it if it is faulty.


Post time: Oct-20-2021