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Dust removal steps of filter cartridge dust collector

In order to give you a better understanding of the filter cartridge dust collector, let’s talk about the dust removal steps of the filter cartridge dust collector. I hope the following introduction will help you.
one. The collection and separation process of the filter cartridge dust collector
1. Capture the transition stage. The essence is the concentration stage of dust. The dust that is uniformly mixed or suspended in the carrier medium enters the dust removal space of the dust collector. Due to the action of external force, the dust is pushed to the separation interface, and as the dust moves to the separation interface, the concentration becomes larger and larger, making further preparations for solid-gas separation.

Dust filter cartridge
2. The separation stage. When a high-concentration dust stream flows to the separation interface, there are two mechanisms of action: First, the ability of the carrier medium to carry dust gradually reaches the limit state. In the trend of dust suspension and sedimentation, sedimentation is the main factor, and through dust sedimentation, It is separated from the carrier medium; secondly, in a high-concentration dust stream, the diffusion and agglomeration tendency of dust particles is mainly agglomeration. The particles can agglomerate with each other, or they can agglomerate and adsorb on the substantial interface.
two.Dust removal process
After passing through the separation interface, the separated dust is discharged through the dust outlet.
three.The exhaust process
The process in which the relatively purified air flow after dust removal is discharged from the exhaust port

Post time: Jan-06-2022