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How can industrial dust collectors achieve low emissions?

At present, the common industrial dust collectors are vertical or horizontal oblique insertion type. Among them, the vertical dust collector takes up a lot of space, but the cleaning effect is very good, which can achieve uniform dust removal; the filtration effect of the horizontal dust collector is good, but the dust removal effect is not as good as that of the vertical dust collector. In order to meet the ultra-low emission requirements, the technical upgrade of the dust collector is the key, so how to break through the existing technical problems?

In order to meet the low emission requirements, the filter material of the dust filter cartridge is very critical. It is different from traditional filter materials such as cotton, cotton satin, and paper, which have a gap of 5-60um between traditional cellulose fibers. Usually, its surface is covered with a Teflon film. A very important feature of this filter material is that it blocks most sub-micron dust particles. The surface of the filter material of the dust filter cartridge of the industrial dust collector aggregates to form a permeable dust cake. Most of the dust particles are blocked on the outer surface of the filter material and cannot enter the inside of the filter material. They can be cleaned up in time under the purging of compressed air. This is also the core key equipment for industrial dust removal to achieve ultra-low emissions. At present, the filtration efficiency of the film-coated dust filter is quite high, at least 5 times higher than that of the traditional filter material, the filtration efficiency of ≥0.1μM soot is ≥99%, and the service life is more than 4 times higher than that of the traditional filter material.

In recent years, domestic environmental protection requirements have become more and more stringent, and low emission requirements have become a fact that many companies must face. A good industrial dust collector can emit less than 10mg. If the dust removal filter cartridge is made of materials with higher dust removal accuracy, the emission after dust removal of the dust collector can even reach the requirement of less than 5mg, and the low emission standard can be easily achieved.


Post time: Apr-16-2022