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*How is the dust of fold type dust filter bag cleaned dust?

The filter area of fold filter bag is 1.5~1.8 times that of traditional filter bag. When the filter bag is adopted, the volume of the filter is reduced by nearly half in the same filter area, thus reducing the use of steel. Fold type dust collector is equipped with a special dust skeleton. Dust collector accessories fold filter bag on the basis of the traditional filter bag without changing the diameter and length of the case, can be directly installed in the original dust collector on a dust removal equipment, it can make the dust collector to deal with the air volume, reduce the cost of dust collector.

How to clean the dust from the folded filter bag: The inner diameter of the folded filter bag is small. Its shape is irregular compared to the original bag. Pulsed air flow can fall off without overcoming negative pressure to complete dust removal. There is a loose part in the middle of the folded filter bag, which has a large vibration range and easy dust removal during injection. The fold is shallow, the middle space is larger, and it will not agglomerate like filter dust.

According to the fabric structure can be divided into plain filter bag, twill filter bag and forged filter bag. 1, plain fabric: is a simple fabric form, each warp and weft alternating up and down. However, plain weave fabric also has some disadvantages, such as not easy to clean, easy to plug. Therefore, the woven fabric is rarely used as a dust filter. 2, twill fabric: there are two upper and lower warp and weft interwoven at the same time, warp and weft interwoven point gradually moved to the left and right; Twill fabric is divided into single-sided twill and double-sided twill. Twill fabric has better flexibility and elasticity than plain weave fabric, and its mechanical strength is slightly lower, the force is easy to dislocation, but it has good dust removal efficiency and dust removal effect, so it is often used in a kind of organization woven filter material. 3, satin fabric: according to whether the fabric surface has warp and weft, can be divided into warp and weft two kinds; Satin is characterized by a smooth, shiny surface, very soft, good elasticity, good air permeability, and yarn migration and ash removal.


Post time: Oct-08-2021