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Main points of inspection during trial operation of bag-bag boiler dust collector

The test operation of the bag-bag boiler dust collector is to ensure the later effect and ensure that it is foolproof. Let me tell you the main points of inspection during the trial operation of the bag-bag boiler dust collector.

1. The installation situation of the filter bag, whether there is any bag drop, loose mouth, abrasion, etc. after use, can be judged by visual inspection of the emission of the chimney after it is put into operation.

2. The rotation direction, speed, bearing vibration and temperature of the fan.

3. Pay attention to whether there is condensation in the baghouse of the boiler dust collector. Prevent clogging and corrosion from occurring. When the dust accumulation is serious, it will affect the production of the main engine.

4. Whether the processing air volume and the pressure and temperature of each test point are consistent with the design. The performance of the dust collector of the dust collector manufacturer not only directly affects the reliable operation of the dust removal system, but also relates to the normal operation of the production system, the environmental sanitation of the workshop and the surrounding residents, the wear and life of the fan blades, and the economic Recycling of valuable materials. The boiler dust collector separates dust from the flue gas. Boiler dust collectors are commonly used auxiliary equipment in boilers and industrial production. Its function is to remove the particulate smoke and dust in the boiler fuel and combustion exhaust gas, thereby greatly reducing the amount of smoke and dust discharged into the atmosphere. This is an important environmental protection equipment for gaishan environmental pollution and improving air quality.

5. The adjustment of the cleaning cycle and time. This work is an important factor affecting the performance and operation of dust collection. If the cleaning time is too long, the attached dust layer will be removed, which will cause leakage and damage of the filter bag. If the dust removal time is too short and the dust on the filter bag has not yet been removed, the filter operation will be resumed, which will restore the resistance quickly and gradually rise up, which will eventually affect its use effect.

Post time: Jan-06-2022