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Notes on the use of small boiler bag dust collector

In the current small type boiler bag dust collector industry, the types of kiln furniture are more and more, this phenomenon makes the kiln furniture industry more and more prosperous. Now when the kiln, is the need for a lot of kiln tools, with these small boiler bag dust collector, you can burn a variety of different kinds of items, different shapes of products, with these products, you can make our life enriched. The use of kiln tools also makes it convenient to add when firing kiln. People’s life has a lot to do with kilns. Some porcelain fired in the kiln can serve people’s life very conveniently.

Small boiler structure of bag filter is more complex, mainly in order to increase its performance, the basic institutions in addition to dust collection box, there will be centrifugal fan and other parts, all of these are for key institutions, now products also join the microcomputer control system, the operation of the workers will add is convenient, its operating principle, in addition to the use of the influence of gravity, Also draw lessons from the influence of airflow factors, can be said to be very practical.

Precautions for preparation and operation before using small boiler bag filter:

1. Preparations before use. Check the air tightness of the joint of dust collector and flue, dust collector and ash hopper, ash hopper and ash discharge device, ash transport device and so on, ash leakage, air leakage phenomenon. Turn off the baffle valve, start the fan, and gradually open the large baffle valve after no abnormal phenomenon, so that the dust collector through the specified amount of dust gas.

2. Technical requirements of dust collector during operation. Pay attention to the wear parts such as the change of the inner wall of the outer cylinder, the change of the pressure difference and the discharge of smoke color. When the temperature of dusty gas changes or humidity decreases, pay attention to dust adhesion, blockage and corrosion. The air tightness of each part of the dust collector, and the change of gas flow and dust concentration of the cylinder are checked.

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Post time: Apr-02-2022