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Pulse Cloth Bag Dust Collector

Equipment Introduce
HMC series pulse cloth bag dust collector is a single type bag dust collector. It adopts circular filter bag, self-contained air ventilation system with pulse injection ash cleaning mode, which has advantages of high dust removal efficiency, good ash cleaning effect, low operation resistance, long service life of filter bag, simple maintenance and stable operation, etc.
Operating Principle
When the dust gas enters into the cloth bag dust collector from air induced system, due to the decrease of wind speed, the dust particles with a large proportion settle into the ash hopper, and the lighter dust depends on the air induction to reach the surface of dust removal filter bag. The filter bag of dust collector generally uses needle felt as the filter carrier, and the filtration accuracy can reach <1um. The dust is blocked on the surface by the filter bag, and the dust gas is purified through the filter bag. With the increasing of time, more and more dust is filtered on the surface of filter bag, so the resistance of the filter bag is gradually increased. In order to make the dust collector work normally, when the resistance rises to a limited range, the electronic pulse controller issues instructions to follow the order. The sequence triggers each control valve to open the pulse valve, and the compressed air in the gas storage bag of dust collector is sprayed into the corresponding filter bag by each injection hole of the injection pipe. The filter bag expands rapidly under the instantaneous reverse action of air flow, which makes the dust attached to the surface of the filter bag fall off and makes the filter bag achieve the most original air permeability filtration effect. The cleared dust falls into the ash hopper and drains out of the body through the ash removal system to complete the whole ash cleaning and filtration process.

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Post time: Jun-19-2021