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*Selection and replacement of dust filter bag

Filter bag of dust collector is an important accessory of bag filter. If it is not chosen properly, it will lead to the damage of paste bag or dust bag.

When replacing the dust bag, open the top cover of the equipment and directly pull out the bag cage, then the filter bag can be directly pulled out. Simple and convenient maintenance. The bag is installed in the box of the equipment, and the bag body is mostly external filter type. The dust is collected in the bucket of the dust collector through the injection of the solenoid valve. For the use of standard bag filter bag. Simple bag filter is installed in a simple frame. The installation method of the dust bag is designed as an internal filter structure, and the external pressure of the bag is changed into an internal pressure form. In this way, the shell of bag type dust collector can be used in the form of frame, without the outer sealing of iron plate, which saves cost and does not hinder the use of dust collector.

Dust bag processing is also particularly important. In recent years, some small manufacturers with small sewing machines for processing equipment, with inferior line for processing raw materials processing, processing level far behind. Make the dust bag in a short period of time will begin to open, crack, bottom and other phenomena. Although the size of the bag is a little smaller, it can also be used, but after the absorption of a larger proportion of dust, the filter bag will drop the phenomenon of the bag after a period of use.

In addition to the above content, the characteristics of the dust bag is also the focus of our attention. 1, chemical resistance: excellent low chemical properties can be comparable to the low chemical properties of fluorine fiber. At 200℃ and below, it has stable low chemical properties for most acids (except oxidants such as concentrated nitric acid), bases and organic solvents. 2, after burning and rolling, ash is easy to remove. 3. Dustproof bag has good water resistance even if it is used for 500 hours continuously at 160℃ and 79% relative humidity. 4, heat resistance, melting point up to 285℃, with long-term low thermal performance. Continuous use at 190℃. 5, even in 160℃ high pressure steam can maintain 90% of the strength. 6, dust bag mechanical characteristics: strength, elongation, elasticity and polyester are basically the same. 6, flammability: with very high flammability and spontaneous combustion (LOI limit oxygen index 34-35). 7, radiation resistance: radiation resistance to ray and medium line is low, compared with the traditional dianlong, polyester has a great improvement. 8, electrical characteristics: in high temperature, high humidity, high frequency conditions, continuous display of stable electrical characteristics.

In addition, the dust removal efficiency of the same bag is different under different working conditions. Excessive dust accumulation on the surface of bag filter will directly affect the dust removal efficiency of bag filter. The dust removal efficiency of the dust bag after cleaning is relatively low, the dust removal efficiency of the dust bag is indeed high, and the efficiency of the dust removal will be reduced. It can be seen that the reason why the dust bag plays the role of dust removal is that the dust on the surface of the dust bag is the secondary filtration of dust. So in fact, when cleaning the dustproof bag, we should properly keep some dust on the dustproof bag. The size of dust particles also affects the dust removal effect of bag filter.


Post time: Oct-08-2021