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*The design principle of the air distribution device of the pulse dust collector

1) The ideal uniform flow is considered in accordance with the laminar flow conditions, and the flow section is required to be slowly changed and the flow velocity is very low to achieve laminar flow. The main control method is to rely on the proper configuration of the guide plate and the distribution plate in the pulse dust collector to obtain the air flow. It is more evenly distributed but it is very difficult to rely on the theoretical design of the deflector in a large-section bag filter. Therefore, some model tests are often used to adjust the position and form of the deflector in the test, and select a good one from it. The conditions are used as the basis for the design.

2) While considering the uniform distribution of airflow, the layout of the dust filter bag in the bag room and the airflow flow conditions should be considered in a unified manner to meet the role of reducing equipment resistance and ensuring the effect of dust removal.

3) The design of the inlet and outlet pipes of the pulse dust collector should be considered from the entire engineering system, and try to ensure that the airflow into the dust collector is evenly distributed. When multiple dust collectors are used in parallel, the inlet and outlet pipes should be placed in the middle of the dust removal system as much as possible.

4) In order to make the airflow distribution of the pulse dust collector reach an ideal level, sometimes the airflow distribution needs to be further measured and adjusted on site before the dust collector is put into operation.


Post time: Oct-20-2021