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*What are the inspection procedures for dust skeleton?

The dust collector skeleton and bag skeleton are fixed at one end, and the other end is twisted to 10 degrees /m for 15 seconds, and then relaxed, and the skeleton can be restored normally without removing welding. Test the tensile strength of each solder joint to withstand 250N without dissoldering.

Dust collector frame inspection rules: 1, dust collector skeleton longitudinal bar spacing: use vernier caliper to measure the distance between two adjacent longitudinal bars, should load 4.2 requirements. 2, surface finish inspection: the filter bag is made of knitted felt, closely matched with the frame of the filter bag, 300mm long, bottomless. Place it into the frame of the filter bag and pull it out. The needle felt is not damaged. 3. Check the diameter tolerance of round bag skeleton: the deviation of the average value of four points equated on the circumference with vernier caliper should comply with the provisions of 4.6. 4. Check the verticality tolerance of the dust collector skeleton: put the end face of the filter bag frame on the horizontal plate, so that it is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, hang a heavy hammer on its side, measure the distance between the upper and lower edges of the frame mouth and the hanging line with a ruler, and the difference should conform to the provisions of 4.9. 5. Distance between support rings of dust collector skeleton: The distance between two adjacent supports measured with vernier calipers should meet the requirements of item 4.1. 6, flat bag frame circumference tolerance check: use steel tape to measure the filter bag frame circumference and circumference deviation, should meet the requirements of 5.7. 7, solder joint firmness check: 1), test to buy a solder joint tensile strength, can withstand 250N without stripping. 2) Fix one end of the round bag cage frame, twist the other end 10 degrees/m for 15 seconds, and then relax. The frame can be restored normally without welding. 8. Load test: put the test filter bag frame into the whole needle felt filter bag, and put into the same size thick plastic bag. Frame opening seal, add 3000Pa negative pressure, 1 hour after the filter bag frame no deformation, bending, welding phenomenon. 9. Dust removal skeleton factory inspection: 1) The appearance inspection of filter bag frame is gradually carried out by the quality supervision institution of the production enterprise. The anti-corrosion stone layer on the outer surface of the filter bag frame is required to be complete. No peeling, scratch, burr, concave and convex, longitudinal reinforcement without bending, welding, virtual welding, welding leakage. 2) Each batch of dust collector skeletons shall be no less than 5, and more than 30 filter bag skeletons shall be selected. According to items 5.1 to 5.7 of the standard, if one item is unqualified, double sampling inspection shall be carried out; If there is still a failure, this batch of products shall be reworked and inspected one by one before leaving the factory.

Single machine dust collector uses fabric as the base material of gas purification technology, it is high efficiency, strong adaptability, not affected by specific resistance.


Post time: Oct-08-2021