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What are the installation items of electromagnetic pulse valve?

1.When installing a right-angle solenoid, be sure to ventilate to clean up the iron chips, welding slag and other debris remaining in the air bag and blow pipe, otherwise foreign matter will be directly washed into the pulse valve body after ventilation, causing damage to the diaphragm and causing pulse Valve leaks.
2. When the submerged electromagnetic pulse valve is installed, the injection pipe shall be processed in accordance with the requirements of the drawing.
3. 25, 40S submerged type and right-angle type electromagnetic pulse valve adopts the threaded connection method, it is necessary to wind an appropriate amount of sealing raw material tape on the external thread of the injection pipe. If the raw material tape is used on the internal thread of the electromagnetic pulse valve, the raw material tape may be brought into the valve and cause difficulty in operation.
4. Before installation, the impurities in the air bag and blowing pipe must be cleaned up. Ensure that the inside and outside of the air bag and blowing pipe are clean and free of debris.
When installing, the O-ring of the solenoid pulse valve needs to be coated with lubricant. The O-ring of the electromagnetic pulse valve cannot be removed and installed on the blowing pipe first, otherwise the seal cannot be guaranteed.
5. After the electromagnetic pulse valve is installed, it is not allowed to weld the air bag and the related flanges and the connecting blow pipe to prevent welding slag or instant high temperature tangshang diaphragm, which will affect the service life of the diaphragm.
6. In order to protect the electromagnetic pulse valve, a filter, a pressure regulating valve should be installed on the compressed air or inert gas into the air bag pipeline, and a sewage valve should be installed at the bottom of the air bag. Ensure that the compressed air source provided is clean and dry. In addition, it is cleaned regularly according to operating conditions. During installation or transportation, the solenoid valve pilot head assembly was accidentally hit by a hard object, resulting in deformation of the valve core sleeve, and the moving column (electromagnetic armature) was stuck in the valve core sleeve or moved inflexibly, making the electromagnetic pulse valve unable to start or It cannot be closed or the diaphragm bounces in place. The air pressure does not rise high, so that the ash cleaning system cannot work normally.
7. The diameter of the air bag intake pipe cannot be selected too small, which causes the air pressure cannot be supplied in time and the valve cannot blow normally.
8.Offline pulse bag filter, wrongly connect the signal wire controlling the offline cylinder to the solenoid valve signal input terminal, so that the solenoid valve coil will be energized for a long time, and it will be burned out, causing the valve to fail to open.
9.The pulse signal time of the electromagnetic pulse valve is too long, which causes the valve to not be closed in time, the injection is not normal, and the gas source is wasted. We recommend that you use a pulse width of 80ms~150ms.
10.Tighten the bolts connecting the electromagnetic pulse valve and the air bag flange, otherwise it will cause air leakage.
11. Check whether the electrical connection part is normal. Connect the control wire to the terminal block of each CA electric controller, and pay attention to the wire inlet not to face upwards to prevent rainwater from flowing in.
12. In cold areas, the electromagnetic pulse valve needs to be kept warm.
13. Provide moderate air pressure to the air bag system and check whether there is installation leakage (you can brush with soapy water to check whether the interface produces bubble leakage).
14. In the system debugging stage, test the spray sequence of the electromagnetic pulse valve, and listen to whether all the pilot valves are operating normally and whether the pulse spray sound is crisp.


Post time: Jan-06-2022