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Metas Needle-punched Filtration Felt Bag at High Temperature

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Metas dust collector bag in normal flue gas temperature conditions, bag type dust collector for dust filter bag temperature requirements below 150℃, and in the flue gas temperature is higher occasions. Because these dust containing smoke and gas dust is not suitable for the collection of electric dust collector due to the specific resistance limit, it can only be collected by cloth bags or other ways; If it is necessary to reduce the temperature containing dust to below 150℃, the investment is higher or subject to the restrictions of the site site; Because the dust gas contains sulfur components, dust gas has acid “dew point”, can only be above the acid dew point that is, the temperature is high in the state of filtration and separation and other factors, so you need to have a kind of resistance to high temperature chemical fiber used to make filter materials, metas needled felt filter bag is suitable for these occasions.

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Beauty, dust bag with resistance to high temperature (204 ~ 240 ℃), strong acid, alkali, high filtering speed, low pressure loss, and the characteristics of the folding, good resistance to wear, but is not in the heat resistance to hydrolysis, mainly used in the asphalt mixing station flue gas, steel blast furnace gas, flue gas, carbon black (white carbon black) exhaust, cement kiln kiln kiln head, at high temperature furnace flue gas, Firebrick furnace smoke and coking smoke and other working conditions.

Metas is the generic name of Nomex produced by Dupont Company in the United States and Conex produced by Emperor Company in Japan. It is widely used in various high temperature flue gas filtration occasions, with excellent and reliable performance, and widely used in steel, electric power, asphalt mixing industry. The product adopts the optimized process, which improves the physical and chemical properties of the product and make the application more secure.
Weight: 500g/ m²
Material: Metas / Metas Subslrate
Thickness: 2.2mm
Permeability: 17 m³/ m²· min
Radial control force: > BOON/5 x 20cm
Latitudinal control force: > 1200N/5 x 20cm
Radial control force: <35%
Latitudinal control force: <55%
Usage temperature: ≤ 204°C
Post一treatment: singeing, calendering or Teflon coating

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