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New Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector With Centrifugal Fans Filter Core Components

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Cyclone dust collector is a system for filtering dust in flue gas/gas. Mainly used to purify dusty gas and recover materials. The shell of the air pulse jet bag filter is an outdoor type, consisting of a shell, a chamber, an ash hopper, a discharge system, an injection system and an automatic control system. It has many different specifications according to the different combinations of the air filter room and the indoor air filter bag. There are four series of 32, 64, 96, 128, and a total of 33 full series specifications; filter bag parameters are 130mm in diameter and 2500mm in length; this series of dust collectors are operated under negative pressure, and the dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99.9%. After purification The dust emission concentration of the gas is 10-50mg/Nm³.

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New Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector With Centrifugal Fans Filter Core


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Cyclone dust collector is composed of intake pipe, exhaust pipe, cylinder body, cone and ash hopper.  Cyclone dusters are simple in structure, easy to manufacture, install and maintain management, equipment investment and operating costs are low, has been widely used in the separation of solid and liquid particles from the air flow, or separation of solid particles from liquid.

 Product name Industrial  Cyclone Dust Collector
 Applicable Industries  Cyclone separators are generally used for pretreatment of dust removal at the front end of the dust removal system, and are used in conjunction with dust collectors such as filter cartridge dust collectors and bag dust collectors.
The conveying medium is non-sticky, non-fiber dry dust;
The flow rate of the dust removal system matches the air volume processed by the cyclone separator;
The unloading method of the separator defaults to gravity unloading, and the star-shaped unloading valve can be selected for unloading”
 Core Components   Centrifugal Fans, Filter
Model Number XFT650-ZL
Efficiency 70%-80%