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Dust removal frame stainless steel filter cage

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As the rib of the bag filter, the dust removal frame is easy to install and protect, so people often ignore it when using and testing the bag filter. But the quality of the dust removal framework directly affects the service life of the bag filter. Therefore, when inspecting the dust removal framework, there are several key points to pay attention to: whether the dust removal framework is fully galvanized in one molding, smooth and stiff, without burrs, so that the filter bag is not damaged, the welding is uniform, and the structure is reasonable. Rugged and durable. The trapezoidal skeleton adopts a flat structure. The longitudinal ribs and anti-support rings of the trapezoidal skeleton are evenly distributed, and have sufficient strength to avoid damage and deformation. In order to ensure the strength of the steel wire and improve the appearance quality, we choose φ6.5 yuan The steel is drawn (drawn to φ3mm), and then when it is assembled on the butt welded tyre, it will be ground to meet the skill requirements. The trapezoidal frame is made of organic silicon spraying or galvanizing, spray painting and other skills. The coating is strong and corrosion-resistant, which avoids the rust of the cage bone and the adhesion of the filter bag after the dust collector is operated for a period of time.

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Dust removal frame stainless steel filter cage

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The stainless steel dust removal framework has sufficient strength, rigidity, verticality and dimensional accuracy to prevent deformation under compression, damage during transportation, contact with each other after the dust filter bag is put into the dust collector, difficulty in bagging, and friction between the bag frame, etc. . The surface of the stainless steel dedusting framework has been treated with anti-corrosion.
Stainless steel dust removal frame is mostly used for dust collectors. When there is not enough space to install dust removal frame, multi-head connection is required. The main characteristics of stainless steel dust removal frame are firm welding, smooth and straight appearance, and no burrs. Complete specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
The stainless steel dust removal frame is the rib of the filter bag. It should be light and easy to install and maintain. The quality of the frame directly affects the filtering state and service life of the filter bag. Use iron wire or stainless steel wire with sufficient strength and rigidity, galvanized, sprayed, and coated with organic silicon. The dust removal framework processed by our company using organic silicon technology can completely replace the stainless steel framework, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment. And every frame manufactured can meet the requirements of lightness, smoothness and straightness without burrs. The annual production volume reaches several million pieces, which can meet the urgent supply needs of customers.


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