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Filter Cartridge Dust Collector Equipment

Short Description:

Type:Bag filter dust collector
Efficiency: 99.9%
Warranty period: one year
Min orer : 1Set
Air Volume : 3000-100000 m3/h
Brand Name : SRD
Material: Carbon Steel

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Pulse filter cartridge dust collector is mainly used in the centralized dust removal system of large factories, with large air volume treatment, small area, suitable for the whole workshop of large factories centralized dust removal, and all the dust from grinding, welding, sand cleaning, mixing, stirring, screening and other processes can be centralized treatment .
This series of filter cartridge dust collector is generally arranged outdoors and adopts oblique plug filter cartridge structure, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of filter cartridge. The filter cartridge mostly adopts double filter cartridge combination structure, which can filter 0.2 µ m smoke dust, with filtration efficiency > 99.9%, and long service life .
It is suitable for flue gas treatment and dust removal system in industry, iron making plant, food factory, rubber factory, pharmaceutical factory, steelmaking plant, ferroalloy plant, refractory plant, foundry plant, power plant and some chemical industry and so on.
Advantages of filter cartridge dust collector:
1, The rigid filter material is evenly distributed in folding type to form the filter cartridge, which makes it have the smallest volume and the maximum filtration area effect
2, In the outer layer of the ordinary filter material, a layer of ultra-fine fiber layer is covered, so that the filtration effect has been essentially improved. The filtered dust only stays in the appearance of the ultra-fine fiber layer of filter material, so the filtration resistance is greatly reduced, and the power consumption is saved by more than 30%, and the energy saving effect is remarkable, and also the ash cleaning is very thorough. At the same time, it also solves all kinds of problems, such as ultra-fine dust, fiber dust difficult to deal with and so on
3, Selected PTFE coated filter material is suitable for wet dusty gas. Because the contact angle between filter material and water 1s more than 108 degrees, the wet dust attached to the surface of filter material is not sticky and easy to blow off. Therefore, the problem of wet dust condensation adhesive is completely solved
4, The filtration efficiency of filter cartridge dust collector: The dust collection ability of ordinary filter material with particle size above 5 µ m is 99%, and that of coated filter material with particle size over 0.5 µ m is 99%

*Oblique insertion vertical insertion pulse filter cartridge dust collector

Product Description:

PTL series submersible large-scale filter cartridge dust collector
Optimized design, added explosion-proof discharge port, optional discharge method,
The position of the air inlet of the air duct can be flexibly adjusted according to the user's site.
Air bag and pulse valve, oblique plug-in fast opening and closing filter cover, matching
The safety inspection ladder is extremely convenient for inspection and repair.

1. Industrial cartridge dust collector is very good to synch the ash in the working process.

2. The dust air inlet shall be equipped with dust plate to prevent the dust from directly impacting the filter cylinder, thus extending the service life of the filter cartridge.

3. Compact structure and small footprint.

4. The filter cylinder is inclined and drawer installed, which can make the cartridge to be removed and replaced more conveniently.

5. For the general dust, the filter cartridge can be used for a long time without replacement, which saves the tedious work of the commonly used bag filter, and saves a lot of maintenance costs.

6. The Industrial cartridge dust collector is a modular combination, and its size is optional.The original combination can be expanded to increase the dust removal unit without much modification to the original equipment.

Product specifications

Filtration material: polyester fiber PTFE
Shell material: Galvanized steel plate ; stainless steel ; plated steel sheet;Plastic
Sample: Provide sample
Customization: Provide customization services
Filtration accuracy: 0.3-180μm
Size: 350*900(MM)

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